We agree that our work makes the world a better place: We introduce people to other people. We introduce people to new opportunities and give them new emotions.
The values of trust, integrity and honesty are the keys to sustainable implementation of the code of conduct.
It is on this basis that we begin our relationships with clients and partners, and it is through the continued respect of these values that our relationships will grow.
It is important that all Agency co-workers and external business partners understand the Agency’s position on responsibility, corruption, and prevention of corruption.
In this code we call ourselves a community as well as an association, believing our document represents professionals, and corresponds to the point of view of the event industry as a whole.
Based on our expertise and experience, we try to avoid any kind of misunderstandings and challenges agencies can meet on their way with this code.
This code was prepared by BEIC and it is copyrighted by BEIC.
This Code contains recommendations.
This code to be updated every year.

1.1 Prevention of child labor and forced labor
The Association believes the event community strongly opposes the exploitation of child labor and forced labor. Our community is positive on volunteer and scholar jobs only in case people are well instructed and receive life experience by their good will.
1.2 Prevention of Harassment, Abuse, Disciplinary Actions, Discrimination, Political Propaganda, Corruption
The Association strongly opposes and condemns those who pursue humiliation, threats, discrimination, political propaganda, or call for aggression and corruption, both in relation to their employees, and in relation to their projects and those who work on them.
1.3 The Association strongly recommends that GDPR privacy policy documents are communicated to attendees whenever attendees get asked to share their personal data for event purposes (for registration / ticketing services, RSVP invite services, mobile event apps, cashless systems, etc.)
1.4. Dispute resolution and Arbitration colloquiums
In case of dispute, the Association can take the responsibility (with the mutual consent of the parties) to create an arbitration colloquium and take one side or the other.
The arbitration colloquiums make open decisions with justification.
1.5. Copyright of projects
The Association maintains confidence that event organizers are engaged in a certain type of business, at a junction with creativity.
The Association opposes copying projects, as well as exceptional formats / concepts and scenario plans.
The Association insists on advance notification of the author about the use of his or her exclusive concept / scenario / format.
The Association insists on mentioning the author of an exceptional concept / format or scenario of an event, if the opposite is not agreed with the author.
1.6. Employee turnover
An agency has the right to hire any staff.
The Association is of the opinion that agencies should accept the possibility of employees transferring to another position in a competing organization.
The Association recommends the signing of an NDA with all employees at the time of their adoption in a new position.
The Association believes that any agency initially respects colleagues and competitors. In this regard, the Association considers it wrong to offer current employees a transfer to another agency, additional work or a project for other customers and third parties without notifying the original employer.
If an employee of a competitive agency is invited to work, the Association considers it noble to notify the previous employer.
1.7. Non-cooperating Organizers
The Association takes the responsibility to create a list of non-recommended organizations/employees for cooperation with irrefutable evidence of guilt and complaints against the defendant from 2 or more organizations. The list of non-cooperating organizations/employees is published in open access only after the arbitration colloquium and in the case of the presence of irrefutable evidence and complaints about the defendant’s unfair work.
1.8. Draft of cooperation
The Association believes in globalization through partnership. We offer agencies to consider standard clauses of the treaty, for inclusion in any international agreements that are designed to help avoid possible international misunderstandings and conflicts:
1) Any time in the contract is indicated with the appropriate time zone (the customer’s time zone takes privilege)
2) Inclusion in the estimate of comfort items as a necessary standard
3) The relevance of making payments, taking into account the difference of currency and bank transfers (agreed in advance, confirmed personally)
4) Time list with time zones
5) Agency fee is transparent and visible for every parties

The Association believes that all bona fide event agencies adhere to the following rules:
2.1. Responsibility for the future. The avoidance of harm to the environment.
2.2. Severe environmental pollution, ground and water pollution.
The Association also considers it necessary to provide all participants of its events with the necessary amount of drinking water, hygienic places, and to ensure the availability of first aid services, and have an evacuation plan. The Association considers it necessary to include these items in any estimate of the event as a necessary and inseparable part of the project.
2.3 Responsibility for safety.
The Association believes that event agencies are responsible for security at events, therefore it guarantees verification of such vital safety measures as: Fire escape routes and emergency exits, and evacuation drills,
2.4. The Association believes that agencies are required to annually conduct safety conversations at events and take precautions for their employees, ensuring the competence of their co-workers.
2.5. The Association considers it necessary to verify event agencies' certificates and licenses from contractors.
2.6. In exclusive cases, the Association insists on warning the customer about possible risks and insists on insurance for all participants of events.

3.1 The Association understands and accepts that relationships with customers, partners and contractors may be different for one reason or another. However, it is recommend that the following Fairness standards be used in selection procedures:
1 Briefing / Analysis
Task definition and goal formulation
2 Design / Conception
The development of creative, targeted and actionable solutions for communication tasks:
Idea sketch and realistic cost estimation
Detailed concept and workable detail calculation
Clarification of one’s own rights
4 Realization
Planning and execution according to the concept and the project plan
Detailed planning and organization
Implementation planning
Supplier management
5. Post-processing
Post-processing includes:
Careful, timely, complete, traceable accounting
Detailed project documentation
Success control and evaluation of the project
Analysis of the Customer
Identification of logical measures / updating communication.
Final payments

It is recommended to agree on deadlines before time and be aware of all financial procedures that should take place during the collaboration.
It is recommended to stay transparent and clear in regards of every cost and agency fee.
It is recommended to make an agreement in writing and confirm it together with the check list.
It is highly recommended to not act alone in any problematic situations, but rather to let the partner/client know the issues and decide them together.

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